Musical Pieces on TumbleStone, Numbers 21 to 25


Previous Posts about music on TumbleStone dealt with the first five, the next five, and numbers 11 to 20. What follows are the next five.

21) “Love By Satellite” – An old friend who I have not seen for many years, David Parker, is a musician and I stumbled across this video of a song of his on YouTube and just had to Post it. “Love By Satellite” has been described as “a sweet, country-tinged song”. David has been a key figure behind the Titirangi Music Festival, which is in its 13th year in 2019. Currently, David is part of The Nukes, a ukelele trio.

22) “‘The Wild Places’ – Where I feel blessed” – I first paid some attention to Dan Fogelberg because he had done a cover of one of Bruce Cockburn’s songs, “Lovers in a Dangerous Time”. It appears on his 1990 Album “Wild Places”, which is my favourite Album of his. This TumbleStone Post uses the opening two pieces on the Album, the instrumental “Aurora Nova” followed by the song “The Wild Places”. The Post includes photos of a number of the great wild places I visit to collect stones or experience geological landscapes. Dan Fogelberg was from Illinois in the USA,  and made his first music recordings in the early 1970s. He is perhaps best known for his 1980s songs, such as “Longer” (1979), “Same Old Lang Syne” (1980), and “Leader of the Band” (1982). He died in 2007 of prostate cancer.

23) “‘How long?’ 8 November 2016” – This Post was written on the day that Donald Trump was elected US President. The song, “Idea #21 (Not Too Late)”, is by US duo Over the Rhine (see #3 in the Post The First Five Musical Pieces on TumbleStone), from its 2003 Album “Ohio”.

24) “Great Wall” – One of the impacts of the 2016 Kaikoura earthquake was a great rupture of the landscape, creating a “wall” across it. Runrig’s “Wall of China”, from their 2001 Album “The Stamplng Ground”, seemed fitting. On Runrig, see #7 in the Post The Second Five Musical Pieces on TumbleStone.

25) “15 March 2019 – Shock and Grief in New Zealand” – This is one of my very few Posts not about stones in some way. The events of 15 March 2019, the “mosque shootings”, were so shocking, and the national response so heartening, that I felt it important to do this. I finished the Post with the “haka version” of the national anthem.

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Retired Academic, male, living in the New Zealand countryside with his wife, two cats (Ollie and Fluffy), two horses (Dancer and Penny) and a shed half-full of stones. Email

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