Alert Level Two, Saturday 16 May – Stone 2, “Marble-Type” from Riverton

This stone comes from the Back Beach, Riverton. It is what I call a “South Coast marble type” stone. These come in predominantly white or yellow, with black or rust-coloured veins. As noted in the Post on Stone of the Day Eighteen, this type of stone can be difficult to polish and often has patches of roughness or tiny holes that can be difficult to remove.

Stone 2 of Level Two has polished with very few “imperfections”. And its patterns are intriguing:

The stone has a deeper colour than most “South Coast marble type” pebbles. This meant that the preparation of the images for this Post included the challenge of “lightening” it whereas most stone images require a “deepening” of hue.

This is  an example of a stone which, when polished, fulfilled the promise it showed when first picked up off the beach.

Gabriel’s Stone: A Musical Meditation

I picked this stone up at Riverton and then rejected it – I thought the “rust” in it was unsightly. My wife saw its promise and tumble polished it in her first ever batch. I think it is worthy of its own tune and name…

“Gabriel’s Oboe” is from the movie “The Mission”.


The scene featuring this tune from the movie, The Mission, with Jeremy Irons as Father Gabriel:

The Mission” is rated among my top ten movies. It is about the clash between Jesuit missionaries and European slave traders in South America in the 18th century, about friendship and betrayal, the plight of indigenous people, greed and evil and forgiveness and redemption. It is spectacular, sumptuous, enlightening, provocative, disturbing and challenging.